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Hellooo! c: this is a blog dedicated the greatness of the disney movie, Tangled. Anything can be found here, gifs, pictures, photosets, music, videos, fan art, etc.

if you would like me to make graphics for a certain scene, character, anything! Feel free to ask me.

if youre looking for something in specific please go to the categories page!

Almost all screen cap edits and gifs are made by me, unless they were reblogged from a different source. Please do not take them, just reblog. ♥ I do not claim the movie Tangled.

I also run a Kingdom Hearts blog, and soon creating a Disney blog. (: Make sure to check them out if they interest you!



omfg-larry asked, "thank you, it's perfect<3"

You’re welcome! :D <3

omfg-larry asked, "Just looking at your blog makes me so happy, I love this movie<3"

I love it too. It’s my absolute favorite movie ever! 

Tangled Medley (Orchestra)

▀ (1) no-more-daysofevilexes-deactiva asked, "IT REALLY is! Do you know where I could download it?"
no-more-daysofevilexes-deactiva asked, "My new thing to do every time I log into Tumblr is bring up your page and just let the beautiful piano cover of "I See the Light" play on a loop. ^_^"

Aw! :D The cover really IS beautiful isn’t it?! :)